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SEO in Jacksonville, like all aspects of marketing to web users, is always changing. Designers and marketers know that every time we turn around, Google has tweaked the way that its search engine works. Rankings seem to change every month, and new criteria are always popping up to determine where you fall in the results when someone searches for your business. But even though it’s constantly changing, SEO is incredibly important when it comes to getting your website in front of the right eyeballs.

Is your head spinning yet? Let’s back up.
What is SEO, anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and boils down to writing and building a website in a way that gets the best ranking in a search engine as possible. A search engine ranking is the “number in line” where a specific website falls for any given search term.

When your business relies on consumer traffic to your website, the spot where your website ranks in a search engine is very important. Most consumers aren’t willing to dig through search engine pages to find what they want. They want to click a link near the top of the results.

More and more, SEO is also about targeting your geographic area–so Jacksonville SEO will differ from, say, New York City SEO.

You may make it your goal to be the first result for a given search term, or you may want to make sure that your business is at least on the first page of results. If your website is towards the top of the search engine results for a relevant term, you have “good SEO.”

If your website is buried on the fourth or fifth page of results… well… there’s room for improvement! The good news is, with so-called “geotargeting,” it’s much easier to improve your SEO among Jacksonville searches than it is to move up the ranks with general search engine queries.

Flower Jacksonville-what is SEO?

To make use of SEO, first think of how you search for products and services that you use online. Let’s say you live in Jacksonville, Florida, and you’re looking to order a “Get Well” bouquet for a family friend.

Maybe first, you go to Google.com and search “flowers.”

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This search will return websites for huge national flower companies such as FTD, 1800 Flowers and Proflowers.

These national retailers have a lot going for them in terms of SEO ranking.

They’re large websites

They’re websites that a lot of people use

Many other websites link to products or pages on these websites

Many users who are searching for flowers will spend a lot of time browsing these websites

The websites are built with priority given to the word “flowers”

All of these are factors that Google has used to determine whether or not these three websites are relevant for your search for “flowers.”

However, let’s say you’d like to use a local florist rather than a national service–so next, you search the words “jacksonville flowers.”

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization In Jacksonivlle. Case Study Image 1

Instead of getting national chain results, you get three florists in your city on your first page: Express Flowers, Arlington Flower Shop and Gladwell’s Florist.

Why did Google return these three?

Google has evaluated each website it has “looked at” to determine whether or not it is relevant for someone searching “jacksonville flowers.” Just as it did for the search term “flowers,” Google looked at the content of each site, how each site was connected to other websites and how users interacted with each website.

It is not by accident that these three sites are at the top of the results. These are the elements of great SEO!

In the next SEO Jacksonville blog post, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to control SEO.

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by Calvin Bryant
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Calvin Bryant
Calvin Bryant
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