Getting it right is critical to the rest of your marketing.
C7 branding is done by experts with decades of experience.

How We Brand.


Short but effective Key Executive, Key Employee and Key Customer surveys are usually enough to move forward. The insights take us to the next stage.

Brand Messaging Platform

The Brand Messaging Platform (BMP) contains your USP, tagline, key benefits, key features, and compelling reasons to buy.

Brand Guidelines

Developed alongside the BMP, your look comes together in one deliverable. Brand consistency is assured if this is followed.

Brand Breaking Campaigns

A new website is usually the centerpiece of a new brand roll-out, but TV, radio, billboards, digital and social all help break the brand.

Three-Year Marketing Plans

Our brand messaging turns on three key messages that are highlighted in turn. It’s a good feeling to have that kind of solid but flexible plan in your pocket.


How You Look.

Branding Jacksonville. Getting dressed to go to work or out, you take the last look in the mirror, hoping that today you nailed the hair and the wardrobe. When you’ve got the look that kills, it boosts your self-confidence sky high. It’s the same for your brand. Looks matter. Design matters. Here’s why.

Yes, your brand is more than just a logo, but your logo should sum up all the amazing brand that’s underneath it. Design solves problems in our lives everyday, and when great designers, like ours, bring your brand look together, you see your uniqueness expressed wonderfully, and so will your prospects.

Beyond the logo, your brand depends on imagery. Original or stock photography, colors, font, and layout also help tell your story. Brand icons can really boost your brand to top-of-mind status. We love how they do the talking for you and unlike real people, brand icons always look their best.


How You Sound.

Complementary to your look is your sound. Rock stars get it right because they live it. Springsteen sounds like New Jersey. The words your brand mobilizes to take up the cause use the cloak of great design to get past the readers’ defenses. Copywriting goes hand-in-hand with design.

A great tagline will take you places. Not having one might still get you there, but why waste that great real estate right under your name? Sell them with your tagline. Like the logo it sits under, your tagline’s greatness lies in its ability to get them to like you right away. Taglines matter.

Mission statements, brand promises, brand attributes, tone and manner; all these things are probably already known to you, but not organized and written down. A branding exercise creates and combines the disparate brand elements together in one Brand Messaging Platform. The Brand Messaging Platform, incorporated with the brand design, delivers your Brand Guidelines. Now you’re ready to launch the brand.

Internal Branding.

Great brands are organic. They start from the inside, from the top, and grow from there. Your employees need to know and want to know, how they can help to live the brand. Bringing the promises made by marketing to life at every brand touch-point in real life is critical in today’s consumers’ market.

We offer these internal branding deliverables:
How to Live the Brand Culture Book

A simple but powerful three message reminder employees can count on to help guide them day to day. Usually delivered to the team on the day before the brand breaks externally.

Brand Champion Programs

More detailed and continuously running, these programs are run by Brand Champions within your organizations and they use peer-to-peer interactions to build the brand.