Bacon B.

Digital Luv Sponge

Happy. Playful. App Mogul. Bacon's regional fame often precedes her, as it's not uncommon for cars of young, adoring fans to drive by yelling, "BACOOOON!!" Having no opposable thumbs to grip a computer mouse, Bacon has become an outspoken advocate for the increased development of touch sensitive devices. Bacon is best known for her latest app-launch, "Bite Me." This social media app allows dogs to mark, store, and share the location of buried bones within a geo-fenced area. Bite Me was recently acquired by C7 Creative for the sum of two milk bones and half a Publix sub.

Calvin B.

Lead Digital Guy

Entrepreneur. Web innovator. Award-winning creative guy. Calvin Bryant is a highly respected digital marketing expert who works with high profile businesses and non-profit organizations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean Islands. A frequent speaker at conferences, Calvin sums up his unique approach to marketing this way: “Whatever business you're in, if you plan on competing in this new digital age, you must have a well crafted digital strategy... or you will not survive.”

Christen W.

VP of Digital Marketing

Determined. Hard-working. Ginger. Christen was born and raised in Atlanta, GA with the passion to make people smile. She runs towards challenges and does not fear taking on new tasks. She will do anything and everything to make sure a client is satisfied. You can find her walking her 3 dogs around town, making jewelry, or strolling on the beach. She defines her work by quoting, "Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take risks".

Samantha S.

UX / UI Designer

Innovative. Outgoing. Passionate. Samantha is a Philly girl at heart and likes to enjoy a good “authentic” Philly Cheesesteak every once in a while. Samantha has a passion for design and enjoys exploring new design methods. She devotes herself to her work and loves to solve design problems. When she is not designing you can find her running, spending time with family and friends, or traveling.

Camryn D.

UX / UI Designer

Dreamer. Doer. Designer. Camryn is a Florida Native currently residing in Jacksonville Florida. Camryn enjoys creating regardless of what medium she is working in. She has a passion for type and hand lettering which is incorporated in a lot of her work. When she isn’t creating she enjoys spending most of her time outdoors, exploring the beautiful city that she calls home.

Courtney L.

Marketing Assistant

Wordsmith. Imaginative. Problem Solver. Born and raised in Florida, Courtney loves spending time soaking up the sunshine. Courtney is passionate about developing creative content for her clients. Her favorite part of the job is strategically thinking outside the box as she tackles her clients' needs head-on. As an avid reader, you can always find this bookworm with her nose in the latest best seller. When she's not reading or writing, Courtney loves spending time at the beach.

Pramesh J.

Mobile Apps Team Leader

iOS King. Android Master. Web-based Leader. Pramesh knows how to take any idea and make it mobile! He knows iOS and Android coding like the back of his hand. He knows exactly what to do to make clients happy and their projects mobile responsive.

Mike L.

SEO / SEM Team Leader

Hard-working. Innovative. A direct person. Mike has been an internet marketer for the past 10 years (2005-2015). Accepts all challenges that SEO dynamics throw at him every day. He will fight for the growth of your digital business and will put 100% dedication and efforts in. You`ll find him in front of his computer most of the time. When not at the office, you`ll find him with his family or on the tennis court teaching/playing tennis.

Krista B.

Financial Administrator

Kind. Trustworthy. Financial Wiz. From Fairmont, West Virginia, Krista always had a place in her heart for the farm. Now living in Ponte Vedra, her heart is now shared with the sun and the beach. This kind hearted individual balances her work at the church and her work with C7 Creative on a daily basis. Her level of organization keeps everything moving in a positive fashion.

Martin G.

Lead Web Developer

Web Einstein. Loud. Never sleeps. Martin runs solely off of Redbulls and ice cream to get tasks done! Martin can make anyone laugh with his emojis, giggles and his hard Greek accent. You can find him hiding behind 4 work monitors containing all different projects. At the core, Martin is a kind person who has incredible determination for what he does with our company.

Lee H.

Video+Photography Team Leader

Quality. Passionate. Dedicated. Lee is at home with his Camera in hand. Being taught photography at an early age he has always taken the extra time to get the shot no matter if it's on a camera phone or his DSLR. He enjoys early morning wake-ups for long sunrise walks on the beach, camera in hand of course! Just having fun and making images is what keeps him going. "My best image is the one that I haven't yet created" ~Lee Holt

Brian B.

Copy Writer, Social Media / SEO

Creative. Driven. Innovative. Brian is from Cork, Ireland and is passionate about the written word. He takes interest in the subject he is writing about, gathers the most up-to-date information and delivers engaging material. Brian is an active, outgoing individual drawn to the outdoors, adventure sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Kevin W.

Copy Writer, Digital Marketing / SEO

Digital. Artistic. Blogger. Kevin is focused on branding through Digital Marketing Blogs. He brings C7 Creative’s story to life through creative writing. With his modern focus, our blogs are trendy and relative to anyone interested in the digital marketing world.