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Organic search engine traffic can be one of the most valuable forms of traffic for your business. However, pulling off SEO the right way can be tough, learn about SEO Mistakes here. There are multiple elements that need to be in place for your SEO strategy to be successful.

Even forgetting a single element can lead to less than stellar results. Most business owners don’t even realize they’re making any mistakes.

You might be creating incredible content, and have a few local citations setup, but it still might not be enough. Below we look at the three most common mistakes that small business owners make in regards to their SEO, and what you can do to fix it.

1. You’re Forgetting About Customer Reviews

In local SEO customer reviews are very important. Google places values on your total number of positive reviews. When a person searches for a keyword related to your local business, the companies with more positive reviews will be listed higher.

Plus, it’s also a good idea to engage with your customer reviews. Responding to both positive and negative customer reviews will show that you care about your customers. A positive user experience can go a long way.

2. You’re Not Doing Regular Keyword Research

Keyword research is an incredibly important part of any SEO strategy. However, a lot of businesses simply do keyword research once and think they’re done with it. But, keywords change over time, just like customer interests.

On top of doing research to uncover new opportunities and trends. You also want to be checking in on the rankings of your keywords on a consistent basis. Maybe you’ve tried to rank for a keyword that’s too competitive, or perhaps you’re ranking for unknown keywords that are sending you a lot of traffic.

The better understanding you have about the keywords you’re trying to rank for, the better.

3. You’re Not Sourcing Backlinks

Backlinks are a crucial part of local SEO. Basically, the higher quality and quantity of backlinks you have pointing to your site the higher it will rank. A lot of business owners avoid sourcing backlinks because they can be difficult to get if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In an ideal world, you’d publish a piece of content and the right websites would link out to you automatically, but sadly it doesn’t work that way.

In terms of local SEO some of the best sources of backlinks are via any companies or brands you partner with, local organizations and business groups, and even local bloggers that focus on news in your area.

It also doesn’t hurt to network with other business owners in your niche, along with sharing, and promoting their content. This encourages reciprocity and there’s a good chance they’ll do the same for you as well.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you patch any holes you might have in your existing SEO strategy. If you’re interested in having a professional team help you create a strategy to get you to rank, then get in touch today.

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