Rescuing Retail – How Mobile Apps Help Retailers To Solve COVID Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on just about every industry. However, while virtually every business has been affected by the crisis, retailers, in particular, were hit hard. Savvy retailers made changes so that they could quickly adapt their processes to survive through the COVID-era, with many business owners focusing on new opportunities to connect with their customers online.

Mobile app designers were in high demand throughout the pandemic as retailers looked for new ways to market their offerings, reach new customers, and increase brand awareness. With the help of an experienced mobile application developer, many business owners were able to create and launch apps to increase customer engagement, drive more traffic and boost sales as a result. Developing customized mobile apps allowed many retailers not only to survive but to thrive in what was an exceptionally difficult time for those in the retail industry.

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that mobile app designers have helped retailers to solve COVID challenges through mobile app development.

Straightforward Pickups

“Buy online, pickup in-store”, commonly referred to as BOPIS by retailers has become more popular than ever during the pandemic. With the help of an experienced mobile application developer, many retailers were able to build mobile apps that allow customers to complete their order online and be notified exactly when the product is ready for collection. Not only is this more convenient for customers but business owners also benefit as they can plan for pickups with more certainty.

Advantages For Employees

With more customers ordering online or through your dedicated mobile app, there is more for employees to keep track of. Many retail businesses have worked with mobile app designers to build apps dedicated to making things as straightforward for employees as possible. Mobile apps can be used for a multitude of different purposes from inventory management to customer service, communicating with suppliers and so much more to ensure your team remains productive and efficient.

In-Store Improvements

As many retail stores have now reopened their doors to the public again, retailers are focusing on providing the best customer experience possible. As many customers want to limit their exposure to unfamiliar environments and other people, it’s important to have protocols in place that allow for a safe shopping experience. Working with an experienced mobile application developer, retailers can allow customers to research products they are interested in before coming to the store, enable them to order online, check stock levels or even see how many people are in-store at any given time so they can avoid busy times.

Mobile Apps Will Continue To Play A Crucial Role Moving Forward

Moving forward, retailers must focus on providing customers with the best possible experience both in-store and online. Mobile apps have been crucial in helping retailers to overcome many of the challenges that the COVID-crisis has presented and will continue to play an important role moving forward. To ensure your business doesn’t get left behind, be sure to get in touch with our expert mobile app designers at C7 Creative today. With the help of our mobile application developers, you can be sure that your retail business will continue to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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Calvin Bryant

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