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Technology habits have changed more significantly in the last decade than they have in a very long time. A decade ago, Florida mobile app designers would create an app with basic functionality, UX/UI, logos, and entry-level data science and call it a day. This development centered only on the most basic app processes UI, or “User Interface,” to match up the flow and functions of a simple app or website.

But customer expectations for Florida mobile app design have grown immensely. If a business doesn’t offer an app that seamlessly integrates with the other apps on customers’ phones, you’re playing catch-up. Research data consistently shows that mobile device users expect small businesses they patronize to offer a standalone mobile app versus just a website. Additionally, they expect the overall experience of apps to match or exceed those of larger corporations with huge IT budgets and software development staff that smaller operations simply can’t afford.

Let’s take a look at just a few things that you and your mobile application developer in Jacksonville, FL should focus on using when building your next app.

UX Is Critical

It’s no longer acceptable to simply get by with basic functionality and some pretty illustrations that provide a brand identity. Familiarity is, of course, paramount. A well-executed mobile app design for small businesses should provide customers with the same rich user experience (UX) seen on full-blown websites. In fact, many mobile app designers in Jacksonville may argue that it should provide an even more personalized, streamlined, and engaging experience than your website currently does.

Modern Florida Mobile App Design Requirements

Data and surveys clearly demonstrate companies that prioritize strong functionality in their mobile presence drastically outperform those who rely on websites alone. Customers want security, reliability, and robust features. An app that provides nothing beyond your contact information, some images, and a few details about the business will ensure your business continues to lag behind your competitors in revenue generation from mobile apps.

Focus Customer Needs

Customers need problems solved, and time saved and they want value from their online interactions. Routine tasks like scheduling, ordering, refunds, and delivery appointments are all functions, mobile application developers, in Jacksonville, FL can include in a mobile app’s design to better serve the user. Building an app that solves a problem for your clients, makes their lives easier, or provides a faster, more convenient option than other platforms is always the path to success when you are creating a new app.

Collect Feedback and Solve Problems

Smart business owners understand that by providing useful, tangible value through their online platforms, they will have a much better chance of keeping customer loyalty intact. Conversely, a bad user experience will send customers over to a competitor’s company quicker than you might realize. Smart Florida mobile app design involves gathering feedback during the design and coding phases. Regular beta-testing periods provide critical data and feedback that you can then use to better the end product. Periodic testing and re-writes allow the mobile application developer in Jacksonville, FL, to iterate, squash bugs, and finally deliver a product the user can depend on.

Use Experienced Mobile App Designers in Jacksonville, FL To Design Your Perfect App

Regardless of what industry or niche your business operates in you can benefit from a mobile app built around the needs of your company and your clients. To ensure you get the very best return on your investment, it always pays to work with an experienced mobile app designer in Jacksonville that has the expertise required to deliver your vision. Get in touch with our team at C7 Creative today to find out how our expert team of mobile app designers in Jacksonville, FL can help you to create an app that will help you to build your brand, increase reach and, ultimately, boost sales moving forward.

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