What Is The Goal Of Good Composition In Video Production

Video is quickly becoming the go-to for content consumers making this the perfect time for your business to take advantage of video content in your marketing campaigns. A well-made video can catch fire online and spread to millions of people in no time, but it must be executed properly to have a chance of having a real impact. For this reason, you must ask ‘what is the goal of good composition in video production?’, as good composition is the very first step in producing video content that has the capacity to make an impact.

Content is king nowadays, and it doesn’t all have to be in written form, as newer generations are more inclined to watch video content than to read an article. The attention span of the average consumer is dropping and people are busier than ever before making video the perfect medium to consume content. By learning what good composition is in video production, you will be setting yourself up for success from the outset, before you even start filming.

Continue reading to learn about video composition so you can create impactful, professional video content for your business moving forward.

Composition in Relation to Video Production

If you ask ten different directors for their definitions of composition, you will most likely get ten different answers. When it comes to video production, the composition is how the video feels overall, and how all of the images fit together in the frame. A different story can be told depending on what a video director chooses to allow in each frame and in each scene so it’s important to have a solid understanding of the concept of composition.

Crucial Concepts of Composition in Video Production

There are, technically, ‘rules’ for video production composition, but rules are more of a guideline when it comes to creativity. A very common concept that directors tend to follow is the rule of thirds. They take a look at the scene in their frame and imagine it on a 3×3 board, with intersecting lines. Setting the main focus of a scene at these intersecting points will, in theory, give the best result.

Balance, depth, and movement are also essential to the composition of any well-produced video. The right balance ensures the frame feels organized, with everything having a purpose, showing stability. Depth refers to how layers are added, and how the viewer sees the entire image in three dimensions. Movement refers to the actual movement of the camera as it is used to enhance the story and overall composition.

Envious Eye-straining Engagement

You want to make a video that people not only want to watch and engage with but to also share with their friends and family. Engagement is a key piece to this puzzle, and the goal of good composition in video production will help make sure people stay engaged. There are many different techniques that can be used to improve engagement from the content addressed in the video to the way it is shot and even how the viewer reacts to the material in the video.

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