Deceptions Debunked – 4 WordPress Myths Well And Truly Busted!

Choosing the right platform on which to build your website is important. It’s important that you take the time to consider your needs, look at your options and choose a content management system that will best meet your needs. For many businesses, that solution is WordPress. In fact, this powerful CMS powers more than 455 million websites around the world with more than 500 new sites coming online every day.

As the top provider of WordPress services in Jacksonville FL, here at C7 Creative, we want to ensure that you have access to the most accurate information about this amazing platform possible. There are a lot of mistruths out there about WordPress and our mobile website designers are going to debunk them once and for all. In our experience as the leading provider of WordPress services in Jacksonville FL, we understand the power and versatility of WordPress and we want to help you to see the benefits this CMS can offer.

Below are mobile web designers bust some of the most common WordPress myths for good.

Myth #1: All WordPress Sites Look The Same

While there are many WordPress themes out there that might look similar, you can customize your website to look any way you like. To avoid having a WordPress website that looks generic, be sure to steer clear of free WordPress themes and, instead hire a well-established web designer with WordPress expertise to bring your vision to life.

Myth #2: WordPress Is A Blogging Tool

WordPress is synonymous with blogging but it has much more capabilities beyond being just a blogging tool. There are countless plugins that you can install to add virtually any type of functionality to your WordPress website. A professional web designer can also create custom code to further tailor your website to your needs.

Myth #3: The Platform Is Not Secure

This is a myth that is in constant circulation. Contrary to popular belief, WordPress is not only secure but it’s incredibly well designed to deal with attacks. Because the platform is open source, there are thousands of developers all over the world, constantly working on making improvements to the functionality and the security of WordPress with updates constantly being made to keep it protected against potential threats.

Myth #4: It’s Free So It Can’t Be High Quality

It’s free so it can’t be high quality is just a glass-half-empty way of looking at things. Another person might say “the best things in life are free”! The fact that WordPress is free should have no impact on its perceived quality. Before you doubt the quality of WordPress, it’s worth keeping in mind that this CMS powers more than 40% of the internet and is constantly maintained by a team of developers from all over the world to ensure the highest quality possible.

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