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On most websites that about page doesn’t get more than a seconds thought. It’s deemed as a necessary page to have on your website, but rarely is it used to its full potential.

Your about page can be an incredible way to establish rapport with your readers, and give them an inside look at your business, while convincing them you’re the right person for the job. That’s a lot of work for a single page of your site.

Below we dive into the importance of having a stellar about page and dive into certain sections you’ll want to cover.

Why Your About Page is Important

Statistics show that your about page is the second most visited page on your website. If you have a lackluster about page you aren’t doing your business any favors.

Most visitors will head over to your about page after they’ve browsed your site for a bit. Now, they’re looking for a bit more background information about who you are and why you should be trusted.

If your about page is bare, or stuffed with corporate sounding copy, then often this relationship can stop there.

When transforming your existing about page, or creating one from scratch, make sure it includes the elements below.

Elements of an Effective About Page

Assembling the perfect about page takes a little bit of time, but it’s time well spent. If you have an existing about page, then try to re-work it with the elements we highlight below.

1. Use Images

Is your current about page nothing more than a wall of text?

Let your page breathe by incorporating images of you and your employees. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality in your pictures. Remember, people like to connect with real people.

Make sure the images you choose are in alignment with your existing branding strategy, and reinforce the feelings you’re trying to give off with your images.

2. State Your USP

A lot of business owners simply begin talking about themselves. But, your visitors aren’t interested in this. They’re more interested in what makes you different and how effectively you can solve their problems.

Even though it’s your about page, you need to make it about your visitors.

Think carefully about what makes you different from other businesses in your space. Why would they work with you over your competitors? What unique value do you bring to the marketplace that no one else does?

Make sure you state what you do and who you do it for very clearly.

3. Share Your Story

Your company story is an incredibly important aspect of hooking your customer. As humans we’re drawn to stories. If you have an interesting origin story of how your company began, then make sure you showcase this.

Use this time to communicate your core values as a company and any past success you might have had. What led you to this point in time? Why are you in the business that you’re in?

People want to work with passionate people. So, make sure you clearly communicate your love for this industry and how you use this passion to better serve your clients and customers.

4. Use Customer Testimonials

Readers can tell when you’re bragging about your accomplishments. Even though this could impress them and show that you’re qualified for the job, there’s a way that’s much more effective.

Letting your customer testimonials speak for you. If you have testimonials that go into the successes you achieved for your customers, then this is the place to showcase them.

Feel free to use testimonials on your about page that you’ve used on other parts of your site. The more often you can showcase a positive customer or client experience, the better.

If you’re looking to transform your existing website, then get in touch with our Jacksonville creative team today.

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