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Face it, creating authoritative content that helps to grow your business can be a lot of work. You know you need to constantly be creating high-value content, but what happens when you hit a wall?

Well, there’s a style of content called an ”expert roundup” that a ton of business owners have used to bring in a boost of traffic, and provide an in-depth answer to a common problem.

This kind of posts is simple, it involves sourcing the opinion of dozens of different experts in your space, and letting them know when the post is live.

Below we dive into why this kind of post is so valuable and how you can go about creating this kind of content for your own business.

What is an Expert Roundup Post?

You’ve probably come across this style of post when reading, or searching, for content online.

The post format is usually as follows “37 Experts Show You How to Overcome [This Problem in Your Niche]”. In a lot of spaces, this style of post has been done to death. But, there are still dozens of opportunities to create a post like this and get a ton traction.

These posts have high-perceived value, as it gives your readers dozens of answers to a question they’re dying to have answered.

Why Roundups Are Incredibly Valuable

Expert roundups are valuable for two important reasons.

First, they provide your readers with a ton of value. Generally, these posts run into the multiple thousands of words and crowdsource an answer to a common question.

Second, these posts can provide you with a huge amount of traffic and backlinks. Almost everyone you’ve included in the list will share the post with your audience, and some will even link to it.

Chances are there will be some audience overlap, so some of those readers may even become fans or customers.

How to Create an Expert Roundup in Your Niche

Creating one of these posts doesn’t have to take a ton of extra work. By following the framework below you’ll be able to produce one of these high-quality posts in no time.

1. Choose a Topic

You’ll need to think of a pressing question that your audience has. Try to think of something that you haven’t answered before, or that you could cover with a unique angle.

Also, keep your experts in mind, and choose a question that you know they will be excited to answer.

2. Contact Experts

Once you’ve formulated your question, it’s time to build and reach out to a large group of experts. Not everyone will respond, but a high proportion of them will.

You can search for existing expert roundups in your space, or top blogs, or top companies posts to build your initial list. These people have been featured before, so you know they’re open to the idea.

You can even search through social media to see if there are any influencers in your space, who you know have a large audience to share your post with.

Once you’ve found them, then send them a short and simple email.

In your email have a quick intro, the date of the post, and your question.

3. Assemble and Promote

Once you’ve received responses to your question, you’re going to format them together in a list post.

Make sure you have a short bio for each contributor, a link back to their site, a picture, and of course, their response.

After creating this post, press publish, then gently inform the experts you featured that your post is live.

That’s it!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the level of traffic posts like this can bring you. Plus, they allow you to build relationships with others in your space for potential marketing efforts down the road.

If you’re looking for a full-fledged content strategy for more leads and traffic to your business, then reach out to our creative team today.

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