are keywords important and the future of seo
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SEO is a constantly changing game. Within all of the elements it takes to rank your site the keywords you chose have played a very important role. There’s been a lot of weight placed on keyword choice in the past. However, recently this claim has been challenged.

In this article we’re going to explore the future of SEO and the role that keywords are going to play in ranking your website in the search engines. If you’re interested in ranking your website today then get in touch with our C7 Creative search engine optimization team.

For those of us that are concerned about the future of SEO, read on below.

Are Keywords Going To Continue To Matter?

The legitimacy of keywords and SEO has been in question for a while now. The search engines have already shifted from ranking websites based upon keywords, to shifting rankings based upon perceived quality of the website.

If a website focuses too much on keywords then the quality of the website will suffer and so will their rankings. Your content shouldn’t just be used to stuff a bunch of keywords, but instead it should be used to educate, entertain and inspire your audience.

Keywords will still play a role, but you may see your rankings slip by overusing, and making them the main focal point of a piece of content.

What Does The Future Of SEO Hold?

The search engine algorithms have slowly been shifting towards quality. This began with the favoring of in-depth articles, and then went even further when Google started to make their search results more human by favoring content written by and for humans. Finally, Google made another jump in hiding all data from their Google Analytics software, suggesting there’s something more going on.

Whatever is going on one thing is for sure, keywords are losing their importance and your marketing efforts should be focused on other fronts.

Considering Search Intent

Instead of the classic matching keywords with a web page that Google used to rely on, we’re seeing a shift towards focusing on search intent. Search intent bases search results on the intent of the user that’s typing in the search bar.

This means that your marketing tactics will want to be aligned towards users and the reasons they’re coming to your website in the first place.

What Role Will Keywords Play?

Keywords will always play a role in search. However, keywords should try to be used in the most natural way possible. This means you don’t have to force keywords as much as you used to. Instead, they should arise out of the subject matter.

Overall, the more you focus on your audience the less you’ll have to focus on finding keywords.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and have a more encompassing understanding of where search engine is heading, and what role keywords are going to play in the shifting SEO landscape.

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