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January 24, 2014

Reputation Management Jacksonville Part II

Jacksonville, it takes years to build a good reputation. Increasingly, business leaders are realizing that a good Jacksonville reputation must be defended in this digital age. It only takes a couple of minutes to smear the reputation of an individual or business because of the Internet. This is why the […]
January 17, 2014

SEO Jacksonville More Calls. More Clicks

Local SEO In Jacksonville Builds Your Brand. The added value that web-based marketing channels bring to today’s business is tremendous. But in addition to the added value comes new marketing challenges. At C7 we offer a suite of digital marketing solutions geared toward addressing these SEO challenges in Jacksonville. We […]
January 11, 2014

Reputation Management Jacksonville

We Will Suppress Negative Internet Listings We know how important image, reputation and brand are to business and it leaders in Jacksonville. It can take 20 years to build your Image and 5 minutes for it too be tarnished. As a result, organizations like yours are taking aggressive steps to […]
January 10, 2014

What Is A Mobile Website Jacksonville?

If you’ve used a smartphone or tablet to browse the internet in the past year, chances are you have encountered a mobile website in Jacksonville—whether you realized it or not! Major Jacksonville retailers, content providers and news sites have all created versions of their websites that are optimized for your […]
October 28, 2013

Google Algorithm Updates

Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times yearly. Most of these changes do not significantly impact many Jacksonville area businesses but Google occasionally kicks out a "major" algorithmic update (such as Google Penguin) that impacts search engine optimization results for Jacksonville companies in very significant ways.
July 30, 2013

Jacksonville Inbound Marketing Resurgence

Jacksonville Inbound Marketing. Imagine drawing customers to your website without paid marketing. They come willingly—because you offer them amazing content! Inbound marketing is the process of creating content, conversations and valuable resources that draw customers to products or websites without paid marketing. With the growth of social marketing, marketers must […]
July 10, 2012
mobile app phone

It’s A Mobile Revolution

With more than 75 percent of the world having access to mobile devices, today’s marketer can’t deny the value of offering second-screen value for their brands and clients. Worldwide, there are more than 5 billion mobile users, with 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers. The iPad was the fastest growing technology product… […]
December 23, 2019
Reputation management Charlotte

Reputation Management – 5 Tips To Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation

When it comes to running a business in the digital age, your reputation is everything. Since social media allows opinions to spread like wildfire, a simple bad experience with a vocal customer can upend your business in no time. Your team will be running around attempting to conduct some damage […]
December 12, 2019
mobile app designers

Jacksonville Business Boost – 5 Ways To Integrate Mobile Apps Into Your Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategies require the use of different digital marketing platforms and take all possible media into account. Even if you are not trying to appeal to a general customer base and have a more specific demographic in mind, it is important that you carefully vet the various options to […]
November 29, 2019
Jacksonville search engine optimization

5 SEO Trends To Improve Your Rankings In 2020

Search engine optimization remains one of the most important things you can do to increase the online profile of your business, especially in a local context within Jacksonville. While Google’s ranking algorithm changes and evolves as time goes on, there are some emerging trends that you need to follow in […]
November 15, 2019
mobile app design Jacksonville

7 Of The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Mobile App For Your Jacksonville Business

With more Jacksonville businesses developing mobile apps to boost their profile and bring a better experience to their customers, there are many apps that fail due to a lack of proper consideration. With so much competition within the various online app stores and marketplaces, it is important for you to […]
October 29, 2019
Jacksonville marketing agency

Business Success – 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Jacksonville Marketing Agency

In today’s modern business climate, having a presence online is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. As the marketplace becomes more and more competitive, it’s crucial that your business takes the necessary steps to stand out from the crowd. Having an experienced Jacksonville marketing agency with a proven track […]
October 21, 2019
Jacksonville SEO

Local Jacksonville SEO – What is Local SEO and Why It Is Important For Your Business

Nowadays, every business in Jacksonville should have a local Jacksonville SEO strategy in place to ensure that you don’t miss out on new leads and opportunities. While it might feel that it is pointless trying to compete against the big players like TripAdvisor, Amazon, Walmart, and others for the top […]
October 18, 2019
Website Design Jacksonville Florida-C7 Creative

How to Come Up With Even More Great Ideas for Your Blog

If you’ve ever sat at an empty page struggling what to write about, then you know just how painful it can actually be. Whether you’re just getting started and can’t think of any topics to cover, or you’ve been blogging for awhile and have hit a wall, idea generation can […]
April 10, 2019

Building Jacksonville Brands With Smarter Branding

Building Jacksonville Brands With Smarter Branding The way you run your Jacksonville business serves as the foundation of your brand. Everything from the look and function of your website to the way you communicate with customers, affects how people identify with your brand. And with the endless choices customers have […]
March 27, 2019
why you need a mobile website

How to Create a Mobile Website That Google Loves

It’s no secret that Google loves mobile. With their latest mobile index update, they’re pushing towards mobile even harder. This means one thing—you need to be prepped for mobile. And the biggest part of this preparation is your website. Without a mobile-friendly website, you’re gonna get left behind. But not […]
July 17, 2019

Why Your Jacksonville Business Needs SEO

The Internet has revolutionized the shopping experience, offering millions of results in a split second, right on our phones. This is great if you’re a customer. But for a Jacksonville business owner, it could mean your website is buried in endless search results, never to be seen by potential customers. […]
May 19, 2019

Good UX/UI Design is Good Business

Most Jacksonville businesses understand the importance of creating a great brick-and-mortar experience for their customers. But that same dedication to the in-person experience is often not applied to the customer experience on their websites and mobile apps. Customers are spending more time shopping online than in-store, making it imperative that […]
July 5, 2017
fix your content mistakes

3 Ways to Fix Your Content to Skyrocket Your Traffic Levels

One of the biggest reasons to create content for your website is to increase your levels of relevant traffic. But, if you’ve been creating content for a while and see stagnant or declining traffic levels, then continuing to publish content can be a little disheartening. But, before you stop publishing […]
November 5, 2016

Strategi Disukai banyak orang Situs Judi Dominoqq Online Dapat dipercaya

Strategi Disukai banyak orang Situs Judi Dominoqq Online Dapat dipercaya! Berbarengan dengan berubah menjadi permainan basic untuk orang dewasa. Permainan kartu dominoqq judi online mungkin adalah waktu yang baik untuk beberapa anak. Perihal ini dapat dilaksanakan untuk Anda untuk bermain kartu online tanpa ada cost di Kasual Ajang disaat berkata […]
October 14, 2016
future seo jacksonville 2016

How to Create a Future-Proof SEO Strategy and Make Google Love You

SEO is always changing. For that reason a lot of people end up getting stuck and being committed to older strategies that no longer work. What used to work a few years ago no longer works. Plus, if you’re caught using any of these old and outdated strategies, you’ll only […]
October 9, 2016

Mengerti Permainan Bandarqq Online serta Detailnya

Mengerti Permainan Bandarqq Online serta Detailnya! Permainan Bandarqq online udah ada untuk mereka yang tak senang pergi atau mungkin tidak bisa pergi ke kasino online untuk bermain permainan Bandarqq fisik. Di internet, permainan diulang-ulangi di situs yang karena itu, udah berikan cara untuk banyak pemain kasino Bandarqq di penjuru dunia […]
October 9, 2016

Mainkan Dominoqq Online di Situs dengan Rekam jejak Baik

Mainkan Dominoqq Online di Situs dengan Rekam jejak Baik! Dalam permainan dominoqq mempunyai segi positif serta fokusnya dalam bermain. Dalam perkara apapun, menyerupai dengan beberapa hiburan taruhan berbasiskan website yang lain. Permainan dominoqq perlu taktik dalam bermain serta mempunyai segi baik dalam permainan. Lantaran sejumlah besar dari lokal taruhan berbasiskan […]
August 25, 2016
google quality guidelines

How Google’s Quality Guidelines Impact Your Business

Your website needs quality content if you want it to survive. It might sound a little dire, but it’s true. In the old days of reaching an audience on the internet, you could right very low-quality content and it would still sit high in the rankings. But, if you’re still […]
June 30, 2016
don't make these local seo errors

5 Errors That Could Be Ruining Your SEO Efforts

SEO can be quite tricky to tackle on your own. But, if you’re a small business owner, then you might not have the cash currently to invest in a professional SEO team. It’s a step you might want to take in the future, but we realize it’s not for everyone […]
November 10, 2015
jacksonville fl online marketing, jacksonville fl online marketing strategy

Why You Need To Work With An Online Marketing Company

As a small business owner you understand the power of utilizing your online platform to generate you new sales and referrals. However, sometimes there isn’t enough time to do the entire process yourself. After all, running a business takes a lot of work, and you often don’t have enough time […]
October 30, 2015
blogger, flossing, good seo, Google, jacksonville fl, Search Engine Optimization, site rankings

Good SEO Is Like Good Floss

There are two subjects in today’s blog. One is good SEO, the other is good floss. In one, I consider myself an expert; having done the trial and error to death on it. On the other, I’m not so steeped in experience. I can’t say I really enjoy it, but […]
October 26, 2015
content strategy jacksonvillecontent marketing jacksonville

How To Tell If Your Blog’s Audience Is Actually Engaged

Measuring the engagement levels of your audience is an incredibly important aspect of your content marketing strategy. Without tracking engagement levels you’ll have no way of knowing if what you’re doing is actually working. To refine your strategy you must measure certain metrics that will give you an in-depth understanding […]
October 20, 2015
seo mistakes

5 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

In order to have a successful SEO campaign you’re going to need to have an effective, well thought out strategy. Only when your SEO is done correctly will you start to see results in the search engines. However, since local SEO is fairly complex there are a lot of things […]