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Headlines are important. In fact, they might be one of the most important aspects of your online business strategy. That might seem a little extreme, but let me tell you why it’s not. Your headlines are the main element that actually compels your visitors to click, and read more of your content. There are certain SEO metrics that relate to content consumption, time spent on site, and more. Here some points for SEO Rankings.

In this post were going to look at the importance of creating headlines that get your readers to click, and how this relates to your overall SEO strategy.

Why Headlines Matter

Headlines are an incredibly important aspect of your content strategy. If you want people to actually read you words, then it’s crucial you create a headline that draws them in. Great headlines will continue to attract more shares, clicks, interaction, and outbound links. All of the metrics work together to help increase the rankings of your website.

This isn’t going to change anytime in the near future. Since a headline is the first thing that people see. It will actually determine if they open your post, or not. It will determine if they want to share your content, and stay for longer periods of time on your website.

How To Create Compelling Headlines

Crafting compelling headlines doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can create great headlines that can end up boosting your SEO time and time again, by following the repeatable process below.

1. Know Your Reader

Knowing your reader is incredibly important, and is the foundation a successful headline rests upon. In order to create a headline that they’ll want to click you’ll need to be able to write something that speaks directly to them.

2. Use Emotion

Emotive words can be very powerful. People are more likely to share posts with positive connotations, and are more likely to open a post that makes them feel something. Learn to use emotion to your advantage and you’ll see your open and share rates start to increase.

3. Implement Headline Frameworks

Headline frameworks are templates that have been used successfully time and time again. These include things such as, list posts, roundup posts, interview posts, and more. If you look at a very popular blog you can bet some of their posts use a popular post format time and time again.

4. Include The Right Keywords

Keywords are important for SEO purposes. If you are going to include a keyword within your headline, make sure you include it as early as possible. The sooner the keyword appears in your headline the more weight it is given by Google.

How Good Headlines And SEO Work Together

Great content is always going to be at the cornerstone of any SEO campaign.

By having powerful headlines, and equally as great blog posts, you’ll be able to decrease bounce rates, increase the time spent on site, increase user engagement, have higher levels of social sharing.

All of these will work together to increase rankings across your website. We hope you get SEO Rankings quickly.

If you’re interested in a full-fledged SEO strategy that works for your business, then get in touch with our SEO Jacksonville team today.

Calvin Bryant

Calvin is a digital expert with clients in the U.S., U.K., and the Caribbean Islands. As the founder of C7, he has worked with Joel Osteen, Carlos Santana, the FBI, and the NBA. He resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida, and is a proud father and husband of 28+ years to his wife, Krista.