Email Marketing

There’s a good chance that most of your emails you send your customers are going to be opened on a mobile device. In fact, most people who receive emails that can’t be read easily on a mobile device will be deleted immediately. So, if you’ve been sending emails that your users can’t easily read when on the go, then you’re lowering your conversion rates significantly.

In this post we’re going to dive into the solution to this problem, and the most common email marketing mistakes that business owners make.

1. You’re Not Enticing Your Readers

The first step to getting your readers attention is to get them to open your email. Without them opening your email there’s no point in sending it out in the first place.

The emails that get opened the most are those that use personal and friendly language, while still being enticing and inducing curiosity.

2. Lack Of Call-To-Action

Since mobile devices have very little real estate to optimize you’re going to need a call-to-action that works on mobile devices.

A good way around this is to include a button for your call to action. Since users are used to clicking on their mobile devices they’ll be much more inclined to click on your call to action.

3. Unreadable Font Sizes

A lot of emails that businesses send end up using a text font that is too small to read. If a person who opens your email has a hard time reading the font chances are they’re going to delete the email instead of wasting time re-sizing the font.

Make sure you choose a font that’s easy to read and don’t require any extra effort from the point of your reader.

4. Too Much Design

Sending a good email is all about convincing your reader to continue on to your website. A lot of emails have a ton of branding images and logos that end up interfering with the messaging of your email.

Make sure your emails are as simple as possible and have the least possible resistance towards getting your user to take action. When it comes to email the simpler the better.

If you’re not using email to connect with your readers, then you need to start. If you’re interested in building your email marketing strategy, then get in touch with our creative team to build a custom strategy today.

Calvin Bryant

Calvin is a digital expert with clients in the U.S., U.K., and the Caribbean Islands. As the founder of C7, he has worked with Joel Osteen, Carlos Santana, the FBI, and the NBA. He resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida, and is a proud father and husband of 28+ years to his wife, Krista.