The Internet has revolutionized the shopping experience, offering millions of results in a split second, right on our phones. This is great if you’re a customer. But for a Jacksonville business owner, it could mean your website is buried in endless search results, never to be seen by potential customers. With good search engine optimization (SEO), you can prevent your website from being a grain of sand on a virtual beach. 

So, what is the purpose of SEO? Its basic function is to increase traffic to your website by organically raising its online hierarchy. Online traffic is the lifeblood of any website, which means if your site shows up on Google’s page 5 of search results, your business could end up on life support. 

Think about it, when was the last time you looked past page 2 when searching for something? Unless you were searching for something obscure, you probably clicked on a website on page 1. There could be a much better offer on page 3, but more times than not, customers are not going to take the time to do a deep search. Therefore, it’s paramount to utilize an SEO company. By getting more website traffic, you’ll have a higher conversion rate.

With good SEO, you can prevent your website from being a grain of sand on a virtual beach. 

In order to have the best SEO for your website, it all begins with doing extensive research to find the right keyword phrases. This research is crucial in making sure your website has content relevant to search engines and potential customers. It can also lead to ideas for new content. 

“In order to rank, a page must indicate its relevance to search engines, and the website itself must be credible in the eyes of search engines. It also must focus on a (keyword) phrase. If you do everything else right but get this wrong, you’ll be hearing crickets,” says Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios. 

Think of a keyword phrase as a colloquial way to search for the products or services you provide. It’s a great way to tap into the mindset of your customers. 

“Keyword research is like reading the minds of millions of people,” says Crestodina.  

Knowing the right keywords—and having the best local SEO company keep track of changing keywords—is an effective way to ensure your website ranks higher than your competitors’ and can adapt to the current mindset of your customers. 

In addition to having content that highlights researched keywords, your website needs to be designed with customers and search engines in mind. This means a website that is both relevant and user-friendly. Everything from seamless design that’s readable and stays on brand, to page load times, to website architecture that works across all platforms and makes it easy for Google to index your pages, factor into SEO. 

As technical as search engine optimization sounds, when done right, it’s an art form. To get the most out of SEO, it takes a delicate balance of effective keyword research, well-written content and beautiful, functional design. When a local SEO agency can provide all three, it gives your website, and ultimately, your Jacksonville business the best chance to succeed in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace. 

As technical as search engine optimization sounds, when done right, it’s an art form. 

At C7 Creative, we’ve been doing SEO and website design for Jacksonville businesses long before most advertising agencies. By combining our extensive experience and expertise in both, our diverse team of SEO specialists, writers, designers and developers have helped Jacksonville businesses go from online obscurity to page 1 on Google search results, increasing their website traffic and conversion rates. 

Quite frankly, local websites can no longer afford to be anything less than optimized. Google, and online shoppers alike, are becoming more and more demanding of website usability and content relevancy, which affects how websites are ranked. It’s an evolution that will weed out websites that are unable or unwilling to adapt. But with good SEO, Jacksonville businesses can raise both their online rankings and bottom line.