Consistent Identity

Consistency breeds trust. If you have a Consistent Identity you’ll be on your way towards cultivating an audience that knows what you stand for. In an online space crowded with a million and one voices you’ll be able to standout by remaining true to yourself and your brand.

Different social media platforms will demand a different style of content and different mode of communication, however this doesn’t mean that your core voice needs to change. In this post we’re going to explore the importance of having a Consistent Identity and the steps you can take to develop one.

Why Consistency Is Key?

A Consistent Identity will help inspire trust within your customers. When you show up for them time and time again, they’ll know they can trust you. This extends to your products, services, and other offerings.

Trust is the backbone of any strong relationship both online and offline. As humans we’re wired to crave routine. By being consistent and showing up on a regular basis you’ll hopefully start to become a regular part of your customer’s daily routine.

Cultivate A Similar Appearance

Most social media platforms give you the ability to customize your appearance. This includes things like your bio and any text available, your color scheme and your logo. You’ll also want each platform to be the same as your website as well.

Make Your Voice Match Your Brand

We all have different ways we prefer to interact with our customers. Do you use humor? Or are you very serious and professional? Whatever your standard mode of interaction, make sure you use the same tone across every platform.

How you interact with people on social media is an extension of your business. Sometimes you’ll want to be extra social, but it’s still important to remember that you’re communicating for your business.

Show Up Consistently

If you’re going to go through the hassle of setting up social media accounts you might as well maintain a consistent image. Nothing kills the interaction faster than if a potential customer finds your social media accounts, only to see you haven’t posted in months.

Best case they’ll assume you’re busy with your work, but worst case they might think you’ve gone out of business.

Staying consistent across social media doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you have a few systems in place you’ll be able to ensure your social media strategy is standing up for your business. If you’re interested in creating a social media strategy that will help your business evolve, then get in touch with C7 Creative today.



by Calvin Bryant
Digital Marketing Geek

Calvin Bryant

Calvin is a digital expert with clients in the U.S., U.K., and the Caribbean Islands. As the founder of C7, he has worked with Joel Osteen, Carlos Santana, the FBI, and the NBA. He resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida, and is a proud father and husband of 28+ years to his wife, Krista.