5g disadvantages

When it comes to 5G there’s a lot to look forward too. However, with any new technology there’s also going to be some Downside Of 5G that come with. 5G is set to roll out towards the end of this decade, but as we learned earlier there are a few companies carrying the torch to get this technology into our hands much sooner.

5G is coming, and it’s going to change how we do business. In this post we’re going to cover a few of the drawbacks this new technology might bring. It’s important to cover the entire scope of what this new technology is going to introduce.

The Speed Will Come At A Cost

With blazing speeds comes higher prices. However, with speeds this fast you’ll also be able to do incredible things across your devices. Nokia says you’ll be able to stream 3-D HD videos in 8K, which is 16 times more clear than regular HD video. Downloading at these speeds would enable you to download a full 3-D movie in less than 6 seconds.

This means you’ll be incurring much higher data demands, with this new technology. As wireless and data speeds have continued to increase so has data usage. As a result of this increased data consumption we’re seeing higher cell phone bills than ever before.

If cell phone companies don’t adjust their rates to include these higher data speeds, then you could be looking at a bill that’s even double or triple of what you have now.

Luckily, there is talk that mobile companies will lower their costs to handle the higher levels of data being used, but this isn’t a sure thing yet.

Essentially, you’ll have access to extremely fast data speeds, but there’s a good chance those speeds will come at a cost.

Support For Older Devices

The other thing to consider is lack of support for older devices. For instance, as Apple continues to release new smartphones and computers they tend to stop supporting and updating their older devices.

Since Samsung is one of the companies taking the lead in developing this new technology within the states, this could come as a disadvantage to those who still rely on 4G and 4G LTE. Of course, it will be a couple years until 5G even starts to roll out, but it’s something important to consider.

As technology continues to grow and evolve you’re essentially forced to continue investing into new devices and technology in order to keep up. However, as a business owner the benefits and new directions you can take your company will be well worth it. It’s important to consider both the pros and cons of any new technology before making an investment for your life, or your business. Read about Downside Of 5G also.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of the new and exciting 5G technology. As more information is released we’ll continue to update you with what we find out.

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