How to Start a Local Blog That Actually Benefits Your Business
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How to Start a Local Blog That Actually Benefits Your Business

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Blogging for your local business can be difficult. You may feel stuck with your topics and feel like there’s nothing left to write about. Whether you’re writing the content yourself or outsourcing there’s always another angle you can take or another topic you can dig up.

Below we show you how you can build a blog that not only helps your business but will help to establish you as a local authority.

1. Create Customer-Centric Topics

Your goal should be to become the number one resource on your chosen topic. If you sell arrangements and flowers, then you can maintain a blog that goes in depth into the flower species you carry, times of the year perfect for flowers, gift ideas for loved ones, local date ideas, and more.

Think about all of the problems and questions your customers are going to have and create blog posts that answer all of these questions.

2. Focus on Local Events

Chances are there are dozens of events in your local area every single month. You don’t have to attend or write about all of them, but featuring local events will give people living in your town a reason to check out your site.

They can either be related to your business or not. If you’re running an auto shop, then your customer base is quite wide. Basically, every single resident in your town is going to have car troubles at some point. When they do, you want to be the first company on their mind.

Even if the events you highlight don’t specifically relate to your niche it will get you on the radar of potential customers at some point in the future.

3. Become The Local Authority

We cover this in more detail later on in this post, but we’ll touch on the basics of it here.

Blogging about your business can be tough sometimes. Or maybe you’ve already written about all of your customer pain points, and are looking for more topics to write about.

This could be a good time to write about events or attractions in your local area. You can even do it under the umbrella of your business. For example, if you’re an auto shop you could write posts that cover any car events in your local area. Or, you could profile hot rods or classic cars you’ve seen all over town.

The second option could even evolve into an interview series. This is not only valuable, but it connects you to the people in your local community and makes you a valuable resource.

4. Don’t Forget About Keywords

Keyword research is a must. Even local keywords that only bring in a dozen searches or so a month can still be valuable leads.

Focusing on the higher traffic keywords is important, but don’t forget about the long-tail keywords. These smaller keywords will be easier to rank for and will provide you with highly targeted traffic.

Instead of ignoring these keywords create individual posts that address all of these keywords. Or, you can create a single massive post that targets all of these keywords in one fell swoop. The benefit to creating a massive post is that Google tends to value posts that have higher word counts.

5. Think About Where Your Audience Hangs Out

There’s a chance that your local market doesn’t hang out and read blogs all day. They might get their local news via social media, or another local platform. Do your research to find where your local customers and people within your local community hang out online.

Below we offer a few ideas to get your research started:

  • Check out Twitter for locally-relevant hashtags and pages
  • Look for local Facebook groups where people from your town or city post and interact
  • Look for local news blogs or bloggers who cover your local area

Once you’ve built your list of potential places your customers and community members are hanging out online it’s time to create a strategy to get on their radar. Some pages and groups might not allow promotional content. But, this just means you’ll have to be a little more creative.

For example, you could create a series of posts that highlights the hidden gems throughout your area. It doesn’t have to specifically relate to your local business but instead will help you become relevant in your local space. Plus, if it’s a good post you could pick up some backlinks from local bloggers and business, which can help your rankings.

This doesn’t mean you should stop creating valuable content that will help solve problems for your audience, but instead, means you should take a wide scope with your local content.

If you’re interested in creating a content strategy that helps to get you rankings and improve your overall authority, then reach out to our team today.

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