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If you want to have a thriving online presence you need to have a memorable domain name, it’s as simple as that. A lot of businesses have domain names that are too long to type, or even commit a few fallacies that actually lower their ability to be trusted.

Something as small as your domain name can have a huge impact on your business. In this article we’re going to examine the do’s and do-not’s of choosing a domain name.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid?

Committing any of these domain name mistakes below won’t kill your business, but they will hinder your ability to succeed. When you’re trying to succeed online you want to remove as many obstacles as possible.

1. Being Too Trendy

It can be tempting to use words that are currently trending when picking your domain or naming your business. Although this might work for a short period of time, soon your domain will seem dated or even silly.

2. Using Too Many Characters

You may want to use a long-tail keyword, or your entire brand name for your domain. However, sometimes this can be a mistake. If your business name is too long it will be difficult for people to remember your domain name.

3. Using The Wrong Domain Extension

If the .com extension you want isn’t available it can be tempting to use a different extension. However, you’ll want to be weary about what extensions you’re choosing. Some extensions are gaining popularity, while others still give off a spammy aura. Make sure you check with our web design Jacksonville team before choosing an extension.

4. Difficult Words

Your domain should be simple. Of course, there are a few cases of memorable domain names being hard to spell or pronounce, but there are few and far between. When in doubt choose simplicity.

What Steps Will Help Me To Find The Perfect Domain Name?

The perfect domain name for you might not be the perfect domain name for another company. Be unique, and use your creativity. If you avoid the mistakes above and fulfill our recommended requirements below you’ll increase your chances of landing the perfect domain.

1. Think Easy

As we mentioned above, easier is better. Try to have your domain be as simple as possible and not include any unnecessary words or elements. This includes using things like hyphens.

2. Be Memorable

There are millions of domains out there. Make yours stand out. Try to be catchy, but not too clever to the point where people are confused. Once you think you’ve found the perfect domain you should try it out on a few friends to see what they think.

3. Appropriate Extension

Domain extensions do matter. They can also allude to what your business is about, so you’ll want to choose appropriately.

4. Research

When doing research on your domain name you’ll want to make sure that your domain name doesn’t violate any copyrights, or is in conflict with any other trademarks. You’ll also want to make sure that your domain isn’t similar to any of your competitors.

5. Buy It

Once you’ve found a memorable domain name, that isn’t violating any of the above rules it’s time to buy it. Domains can go fast, and once you’ve found the perfect one you’ll want to lock it down before someone else does.

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by Calvin Bryant
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Calvin Bryant

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