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How Local SEO Can Benefit Your Business

local seo benefits

If you run a locally-based business and are looking for ways to generate more leads, then SEO is going to be a solid investment.

A lot of business owners think that SEO is dead, or isn’t an effective way to grow your online presence. But, this simply isn’t true. Having a well-developed and thought-out SEO strategy is a great way to grow your business, even in your local town or city.

Below we look at five reasons you should consider investing in a local SEO strategy as soon as possible. A lot of SEO basics can be done yourself, but if you’re looking for top rankings without a lot of work on your end, then it’s worth it to consider working with an agency.

1. Local Exposure

One of the main reasons businesses start their own SEO strategy is to increase their local presence. Whether that’s through search engine rankings, or an improved presence on local-oriented sites like Yelp, Craigslist, Angie’s List, and more.

This increased exposure will make it difficult for your customers not to find you when they’re searching for your services or type of business. Plus, local domination has the side benefit of cementing you as an authority in your space.

2. New Business Relationships

One aspect of local SEO is seeking out local backlink opportunities between other businesses and organizations. These backlinks will be valuable, but there’s also the potential for new business opportunities to form down the road.

In your business relationships are everything. Who knows, down the road, you might be able to create partnerships with local businesses you’ve exchanged links with. Or, maybe create a live event with other businesses in your space.

Local SEO is more than just getting backlinks for your site, it’s about relationship building.

3. More Leads and Profits

When your site starts to rank for local keywords this will, in turn, increase the amount of traffic sent to your website. Plus, this traffic will be highly targeted, so it’s much more likely to turn into new leads for your business.

Even local terms that only get a dozen or so searches a month can end up being very valuable leads for your business.

4. SEO is Cost-Effective

Once the hard work of ranking is taken care of most of your search engine optimization work is complete. You don’t have to pay for every lead, or amount of traffic, but instead, it will flow to your site naturally, as a result of ranking high in the search engines.

Of course, there will be maintenance work to ensure you hold your top positions. But, overall investing in SEO can be a very cost-effective to ensure a steady supply of leads for your business and traffic to your website.

5. Primed for Mobile Growth

People are continuing to use their mobile devices over desktop browsers. By focusing on local SEO you’ll be able to rank for more local keywords that your customers are searching for. Plus, a solid SEO strategy will place a focus on mobile optimization, and mobile user experience.

Which means you’ll get the double benefit of more traffic to your site from mobile browsers, plus your site will be optimized for mobile growth into the future.

Hopefully, the points above have helped you see just how valuable a local SEO strategy can be for your business. If you’re interested in taking your existing SEO strategy to the next level or are starting completely from scratch, then get in touch with our team today.

Image via Pexels