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We Are Fanatical About Google Rankings

Yes, we admit we have a problem. We’re a bit… scratch that… we are totally fanatical about providing the best local SEO services available today. It’s not a side note here. It’s part of the C7 eco-system. Page 1 Google rankings are a huge part of boosting your online brand awareness, generating more leads, and greater online visibility. If you’re looking for that, then fist-bump… welcome to the party.

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Radically improve lead generation.

Transform Your Average Website Into A Marketing Power-house

Don’t let your competitors steal your leads. Or even worse, let a new biz move into your area and push you out of the marketplace, only because they rank higher on Google. Fight back and win, with C7’s best-in-class, local SEO services.  With the right team on your side, you can fire up your companies online marketing machine.

Our number crunching local SEO peeps will work closely with you to create one of the best local SEO game plans money can buy. A plan that’s rooted in data-science and topped-off with lead generating click strategy.

Fire up your website marketing, radically improve online engagement and sales leads.

Get your SEO Report Card and find out how well your site performs with Google.

Big words. Big promises. Big mistake. There’s a lot of so-called SEO guys out there who will take your money and not produce any results. Be careful to choose a partner who is local (not Texas or California) and has been in business for more than 3 years… minimum.

Mark Cuban is wrong. College kids may be great at ideas… but many lack follow-through and the discipline of business strategy. Select an SEO partner like any other business solution. Proven results, trusted business history and solid reputation in the local community.”

– Calvin Bryant
C7 Lead Digital Guy

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a critical marketing strategy for any business that serves a specific regional area, like Jacksonville or North Florida. At its core, local SEO is a combination of several different things specifically designed to improve your local visibility on Google.

How It Works

When people search Google their location is digitally shared with Google.  The Google monster uses this “location info” to share results that are closest to their physical location.  For example, we all know the common search phrase “restaurants near me.”  A restaurant in Jacksonville, Fl implementing an effective local SEO campaign should rank highly for search terms such as “best restaurant in Jacksonville” or “best restaurant near me”, in order to maximize their local search results. This is a great example of why local SEO is important. If you want to be found online before your competitors listing, you need local SEO services.

Local Experts Are Key

From choosing the best local keywords and highest volume keywords to optimizing your content, designing your website, building backlinks, and so much more, there is a lot that goes into SEO. Implementing a results-driven, local SEO strategy requires an experienced team with a proven record of success. At C7 our expert team has the skills, expertise and local knowledge to generate more sales, increase your online visibility and put more eyes on your business.

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What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO?

Developing a local SEO strategy with the goals and targets of your business in mind will broaden the reach of your brand and services on Google. Both existing clients and new prospects will also be able to find important information about your business such as product and support details, services and scheduling, contact information, address and business hours. Investing in local SEO is an opportunity to increase your online visibility, gain an advantage over your competitors and enhance revenues.

Let us craft a Local SEO plan for your company. Let’s talk: 904.253.3779

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SEO Marketing

C7’s SEO experts are search marketing veterans who are dedicated to improving your digital presence. First, we start with an in-depth audit of your website to identify areas for improvement. Next, we develop a targeted on-page, off-page and keyword strategy that will align your SEO results with your business goals.

C7 SEO Company Jacksonville, Florida

Local SEO

With 10+ years of experience, working with all sorts of local businesses, our local SEO team understands the Jacksonville market. With this understanding and local SEO knowledge, we can help you strategize, plan, implement and execute a local SEO marketing plan that will deliver the best SEO results for your company

SEO Companies Jacksonville, Florida

Multi-Location SEO

Have more than one location? No problem. For businesses with multiple locations, you will need a custom SEO plan designed with your specific multi-location SEO requirements in mind. At C7 Creative, our franchise SEO services are specifically designed to help multi-franchise business owners to climb the search engine results successfully.

SEO Jacksonville, Florida

E-Commerce SEO

Sell, sell, sell. Whether you are an established Jacksonville business or you are new to e-commerce, our e-commerce SEO team can increase your traffic and improve your page rankings on Google. We are experts in product and site indexing. We will identify where improvements are needed to enhance your e-commerce SEO.

White-Hat, Sustainable Strategies.
Why Our Local SEO Services Are Safe

Our local SEO team works closely with each and every one of our clients to create a unique, local SEO strategy to increase their online visibility. With more than ten years of experience serving the Jacksonville business community, our SEO services have been proven to work time and time again. Using the very best, most sustainable, white-hat SEO strategies, we engineer local SEO campaigns that are built to stand the test of time. Why does this matter?  Because every time Google updates their algorithm they clean out the “black-hat” listings.  Only white-hat SEO is left in place. Only white-hat stands the purges of the mighty Google monster 🙂

Don’t waste your money on black-hat techniques. It’s like striking a match instead of sitting in the sun. Put our sustainable, white-hat SEO to work for you.

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It’s Going To Be Alright.

Have Questions Like These? We Can Help.

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About C7 Creative

C7 is a high energy team of SEO Jacksonville experts. We love to help our clients prosper and take advantage of all the digital marketplace has to offer them. There is no doubt that competition today is ferocious. So, to stay at the head of the pack or compete to get there, you need a team of digital marketing experts on your side or you will not survive. C7 works hard everyday to be that team and to deliver the very best SEO services possible for every one of the clients we serve.

C7 has the experience you need to build intelligent SEO Jacksonville marketing campaigns, gain more visibility online and generate more sales and higher profits. Now doesn’t that sound good, good, good?

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SEO Services Verticals

We have spent years helping Jacksonville business owners to develop data-driven SEO strategies that deliver real results. Over the past 10+ years we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of organizations. This experience allows our team to super-charge your digital marketing and driveyour page rankings to the top of Google.We have worked with industries such as:

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I expect to continue working with C7 on future digital marketing ideas and will look for opportunities to recommend them to our clients.

John Mathis
Partner, Harbor View Advisors,
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Our Location

You will find us off of interstate 95 and Flagler Center Blvd. Look for us in the large building near the planet fitness in suite 101.

Dependable Local SEO Services Company

C7 is a nationally-ranked digital agency dedicated to providing dependable, local SEO services to Jacksonville business owners. Our local SEO company in Jacksonville has helped hundreds of local businesses just like yours. Whether large or small, our strategies can improve your Jacksonville SEO Google rankings.We understand that your business is unique and that every Jacksonville company has specific marketing goals and requirements. Our SEO services at C7 are tailored to meet those needs and ensure that you generate more leads, build your brand and increase your profits.

Powerful Link Building

A well-executed link building strategy will have a huge impact on your SEO scores. High quality links back to your website show the search engines that your website is credible and an authority in your industry. At C7, Our team works hard to secure robust, authoritative backlinks to your website to enhance your credibility and improve your position in the search engine rankings.

Schema Integration

Schema data allows the search engines to accurately determine, exactly what your website is all about and what type of business you operate. At C7 Creative, our Jacksonville SEO team can integrate Yelp, Facebook, Google reviews and business schemas into your website design to ensure they are visible to Google and clients.

Google Maps Optimization

With more people than ever searching for local businesses on Google maps, it’s crucial that your company is optimized to be listed on the Google maps index. It typically is the first set of organic listings at the top of Google’s search results, so being there is very important. With your business listing on Google Maps, you will allow your prospects and customers to find you and generate more sales leads. We can help you promote your page and rank highly on Gmaps.

In-Depth Website Audit

Executing a thorough audit of your website will allow you to identify where you are performing well and how you can make improvements. Website design errors, poor SEO strategies, sitemap issues and other problems with your website can negatively impact your position in Google’s search engine results. With an advance audit from our team at C7 Creative, you can ensure that your website is operating efficiently and adding value to your business. We can also compare how you are shaping up against your competitors.

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-page optimization of your website for SEO is crucial in ensuring that your website ranks at the top of Google and Bing search results. Our on-page SEO experts at C7 will optimize your website content and images properly. We will make sure the right text and titles are in the right place so that Google will read and index your keywords for maximum effect. We do the same for your other website content like images, tags and blog posts. On-page SEO optimization is mission critical to a winning organic SEO plan.

Facebook And Google Ads

To win in today’s hyper-fast business world, you need to advertise in the right digital locations. Facebook and Google ads offer a highly effective way to reach your target audience. At C7 our digital marketing team can help you create unique and effective Facebook and Google ad campaigns that will drive the the traffic, clicks and calls you need to compete successfully.

Content Optimization

Properly written website and SEO content is critically important. As a Jacksonville company, you need to ensure that your content is well-written, engaging, relevant and that it brings real value to the reader. To ensure that your content always hits the mark, get in touch with our team of SEO copywriters at C7. With the help of our content team, you can be sure that your content will stand out from the crowd online. Our content indexes well with Google which makes it especially effective for SEO purposes.

We Love SEO & Digital Marketing

We love digital marketing, SEO and PPC. Our talented team of digital expertswork hard to achieve the best results for our clients everyday. We execute our SEO Jacksonville projects with commitment and digital expertise that are ranked among the top in our industry. With years of experience working with local Jacksonville businesses, we are in a position to deliver SEO services uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We care about your business and want to help you to achieve your goals through our customer-centric approach to Jacksonville SEO.

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Our Unique Approach To SEO Services In Jacksonville

Our Five Phase SEO Services Process

Website Audit

As the saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Our data-driven approach at C7 Creative begins with a thorough analysis of your website to identify areas that you can make improvements. Whether your website needs a few minor tweaks or a complete overhaul our team will be able to advise you as to the best way to move forward so you get the results you want.

Implementing Best SEO Practices

Having pages on your website that are underperforming or are not correctly optimized can have a detrimental effect on your SEO efforts. Updating your website and content to implement best SEO practices is one of the most effective ways to bring improve your position in the search engine results. Our expert SEO team will meticulously analyze your SEO strategy to make the improvements necessary to bring more visitors to your website.

Customized SEO Strategies

At C7 Creative, we are committed to providing each one of our clients with a custom SEO strategy that is fully customized to help you meet your goals. Our team works closely with each of our clients to develop a technical SEO strategy and marketing plan that will help more potential clients to discover your business online. With an SEO strategy specifically designed to meet the needs of your business, your business will go from strength to strength.

Website Promotion

Promoting your website effectively is crucial in ensuring that more prospective customers can find your business. Through effective link building practices, advanced SEO techniques and a data-driven, strategic approach to promoting your website, our team at C7 Creative can help you to increase your traffic and improve the visibility of your business online.

Assessment And Optimization

Regular evaluation of your business performance is critical for your future success. At C7 Creative, we use Google Analytics to thoroughly evaluate how your website is performing against your competitors. With this detailed data, we can adapt our strategies as required to ensure that you are getting the best results possible from your SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Detailed Reporting

Moving forward, you need to ensure that you understand how effective your SEO strategies are performing over time. With detailed reporting, we can help you to see the impact that your SEO and digital marketing strategies have had on your business. Having accurate, relevant and current data available, you can ensure that your digital marketing plans stay on track as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Get In Touch With Our Expert Local SEO Team At C7 Creative Today!

To supercharge your local SEO efforts and get the best possible results from your SEO efforts, be sure to get in touch with our team at C7 Creative today to find out more about our comprehensive range of local SEO services. With the help of our expert local SEO team, you can start climbing the local search rankings, increase the visibility of your business online and establish your business as a true entity in the local market.

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