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The search term “Is SEO Dead?” sure gets a lot of search traffic. Obviously, a lot of people are wondering if the benefits of search engine optimization are still well worth the wait. SEO strategies probably change more frequently than any other element of the digital marketing arena. However, even with the consistently changing landscape it’s well worth it to invest in an high quality Jacksonville, FL SEO strategy.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest benefits your business can expect today by working with a Jacksonville FL search engine optimization team.

1. It Still Brings In Traffic

Search engines are still a major source of traffic. SEO techniques still work to move you up in the rankings. Put two and two together and you’ll see an increase of traffic that’s going to be on its way towards your website.

Even post-Hummingbird case studies still show that search engine optimization works.

2. There Won’t Be A Lull Anytime Soon

There isn’t a point in the near future where people are going to stop using search engines. Search engines will continue to develop and people will continue to flock to the web to find solutions to their problems.

3. Cost-Effective Compared To Other Avenues

SEO can be seen as the foundation of your online presence. A lot of other forms of advertising, such as, PPC, Facebook ads, or even purchasing leads may get you quicker results, however they’re often fleeting.

If you’re trying to build a long-term online presence then you should be trying to nurture a community, not simple make a quick buck. Organic SEO rankings do take time, but are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy online presence.

4. Search Engine Decision Making Is Growing

Over 80% of people check the online reviews for a business or product before making a decision. This means that search engine results are literally shifting the way people make decisions. If you want your business to be found, then you need a SEO strategy in place.

5. Local Search Can Be Great For Business

Local search is exploding due to the increasing usage of mobile devices. All trends suggest this will continue to increase as well. This means that entirely new avenues and ways to reach your customers are beginning to open up.

6. Strengthening Your Online Brand

When it comes to rankings having a strong content strategy will help you to stand the test of time. A lot of ranking factors come and go, but having quality content has shown that it’s here to stay time and time again.

Having solid content will help to increase your search engine rankings, and through that your online presence for years to come.

7. You’ll Stay Ahead Of The Competition

An effective SEO strategy is always in the works. That means that if you aren’t putting time, effort, or money into your SEO campaigns, then there’s a good chance your rankings might slip. However, if you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO it’s usually pretty easy to stay there. All you have to do to remain above your competition is to continue executing.

I hope you’ve found this article intriguing and have a better understanding of how an effective SEO strategy can help to grow your small business. If you’re interested in growing your search engine presence, then get in touch with our C7 Creative team today.



by Calvin Bryant
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Calvin Bryant

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