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5 Common SEO Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

seo mistakes to fix

When it comes to SEO it’s easy to make costly mistakes. SEO can get complex quite quickly, and you can end up harming your rankings without meaning to. If you’ve been executing your own SEO strategy without the help of a team of SEO professionals, then you probably have a little cleaning up to do.

Luckily, that’s why we’ve written this post. Below we highlight five all-to-common mistakes you can fix to improve your overall SEO strategy and your rankings.

1. Having a Slow-Loading Website

If your website loads slowly it won’t rank as high in the search engines as it would otherwise. Your website can become slow for a number of reasons, from choosing the wrong host to having a poorly coded theme, to having too large of images.

If you want to improve your website’s loading speed you’ll first want to get an idea of your site’s performance. To do this just run your site through a tool like GTMetrix, or Google Pagespeed Insights.

Once you have a baseline figure you can begin optimizing your site. Some of the most common means to improve your site’s performance are highlighted below:

  • Installing a caching plugin
  • Switching to a new host, or upgrading your existing hosting package
  • Upgrading your theme (if it’s buggy)
  • Minimizing the number of plugins installed
  • Compressing your site’s images

2. Keyword-Stuffing Post and Page Titles and Metas

Most people have graduated to no longer keyword stuffing their posts and pages with too many keywords. However, now it seems that people have migrated to instead stuffing their post titles and meta descriptions with keywords.

This not only won’t help your post or page rank for any additional keywords, but it will decrease the likelihood that someone will click through to your website within the search results. Sure, you’ll want to naturally include your target keyword, so people know what your post is about.

But, the job of your title and meta description should be to get people to click through to your site, not to rank for additional keywords.

3. Duplicate Local Content

If you’re attempting to rank your website for a few different local areas, neighborhoods, towns, and cities it can be tempting to simply copy the same page a dozen or so times, and just change out the name of the cities.

Although this will save you time it’ll harm your rankings. Google doesn’t take kindly to duplicate content, so even though your pages are slightly different, they’re not different enough to warrant each page being considered as having unique content.

Each of your local pages should have content that’s unique to that specific to that local area. This takes more time, but it will improve your chances of ranking, and please your visitors who land on those location-specific pages.

4. Not Thinking About Long-Tail Keywords

It can be tempting to focus all of your efforts on ranking for the big keywords in your niche that get the most traffic. Eventually, with a strong enough strategy, you may start ranking for these. However, in the short-term, you’ll want to focus on long-tail keywords.

These keywords might not have the same traffic numbers, but they will be easier to rank for and can help you pull in more targeted traffic.

5. Not Checking for Broken Links

If your site is filled with broken links you’re greatly impeding the user experience. If your site only has a few pages, then one or two broken links aren’t going to kill your rankings. However, as your site grows, having numerous broken links can turn into a pretty big problem.

If you have too many broken links users will start to think of your site being low-quality, which will negatively impact your rankings. Plus, broken links can be easy to fix.

All you have to do is utilize a broken link checker plugin, enable the plugin on your site to locate and fix any existing broken links.

By fixing the mistakes above you’ll greatly improve your existing SEO efforts. If you’re looking to save time and take your rankings to the next level, then reach out to our local SEO team today.

Image via Pexels